Ludvigson Stock Farms Ozark Bull Sale

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Ludvigson Stocks Farms Ozark Bull Sale catalog is now online. We are excited to be offering the first 100% Red Angus sons of H2R Profitbuilder B403 to be sold. If you are looking for a new Red Angus herd bull this is your sale. Henderson Red Angus offering includes 6 sons of H2R Profitbuilder B403, 2 sons of HXC Conquest, and 3 sons of Brown Premier. Eight of our 11 bulls came from our ET program, 6 from Brown MS Commitment X7537, and 2 from Brown Ms Mission Stmt X7559, the dam of Brown Incredabull Z7277 owned by VF red angus and R.A. Brown ranch.

Ozark bull sale

LSF H2R Profitabull D604

LSF H2R Conquest D628

LSF H2R Profitbuilder D626

Maternal brother to Brown Incredabull Z7277

LSF H2R Premier D625

Maternal brother to Brown Incredabull Z7277.

LSF H2R Premier D624

LSF H2R Profitbuilder D608

LSF H2R Profitbuilder D614

LSF H2R Profitbuilder D615

LSF H2R Conquest D622

LSF H2R Premier D623

LSF H2R Profitbuilder D606

Brown Ms Mission Stmt X7559

Brown Ms Commitment X7537





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