H2R Profitbuilder B403

H2R Profitbuilder B403 in the Genex 2017 Beef Genetic Managment Guide

  • Put some profit in your program! H2R Profitbuilder B403 owns the Red Angus EPD database with an unmatched set of performance traits and profitability indexes.
  • If your herd needs a genetic boost, Profitbuilder offers just that, including a long-bodied, smooth-made phenotype, sound structure and large testicles. Whether siring heifers or bulls, this bull can take your herd to the next level.
  • Profitbuilder is being used in commercial heifer projects, as well as elite seedstock herds for flush work. Look to this genetic giant to become a future household name.
  • Click here to see the 2017 Genex Beef Genetic Management Guide.
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